Foxit Reader 3.1.1 Build 0901(很不错的国产软件)

Foxit Reader 是一款国产的 PDF 文件 (电子书) 阅读器/查看器.(不过最近它发行新版均为外文版优先).它体积小,快速,而且它是免费的.
有了它,你无须为仅仅阅读PDF文档而下载和安装庞大的Adobe Reader,而且启动快速,无需安装.

下载:Foxit Reader 3.1.1 Build 0901

What’s New in Foxit Reader 3.1?

The following is a list of exciting new and enhanced features in Foxit Reader 3.1.

New features:

  • Internet Search
    Foxit Reader 3.1 supports internet keyword search. You can select the text and click the pop-up search icon or press and drag the mouse directly to search for the related information in internet.
  • Favorite Toolbar
    Foxit PDF Reader 3.1 supports to customize the useful tools to appear in the Favorite Toolbar area, so that users can choose the tools that are used most often easily and quickly.
  • Comments Panel
    Lists all comments in the PDF document, and provides a number of common options that helps users check their comments better, such as expanding or collapsing all comments, as well as sorting comments in different ways.
  • Summarize Comments
    Allows users to generate a new PDF document with comments summary and set the document properties, such as paper setting, page range choosing, and so on. It is a convenient way to get a synopsis of all the comments associated with a PDF.
  • Document Restrictions
    Now users can view document restrictions by clicking the Security tab in the properties dialog box. The document’s Security Method restricts what can be done to the document, and the Document Restrictions Summary displays a list of tasks that users can perform.
  • Supports MSAA
    Part of user interface elements supports Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), that is, to deliver the UI information to the MSAA client-side.
  • Streamlined UI
    A completely redesigned UI with a new look and feel that makes Foxit Reader more intuitive than ever before, such as updated icons and the reclassified menu bar.
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