Google Chrome Beta(附图)

谷歌浏览器Chrome是一款可让您更快速、轻松且安全地使用网络的浏览器,它的设计超级简洁,使用起来更加方便。 Google 浏览器Chrome的特点是简洁、快速。Google Chrome支持多标签浏览,每个标签页面都在独立的“沙箱”内运行,在提高安全性的同时,一个标签页面的崩溃也不会导致其他标签页面被关闭。此 外,Google Chrome基于更强大的JavaScript V8引擎,这是当前Web浏览器所无法实现的。 Google浏览器Chrome目前尚处在测试版阶段,在很多方面还需要进一步完善。它是一款开源软件,借鉴了苹果的WebKit(Safari使用的引擎)、 Mozilla的Firefox及其他相关应用。

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  • [r19585] [OS-MAC] Enable support for the Mac OS X spellchecking service in chromium. (Issue: 13206)
  • [r19589] [OS-ALL] Fixed issue where favicons were not rendered properly on session restore. (Issue: 13360)
  • [r19594] [OS-ALL] Fixes issue where dragging a .crx to a chrome:// TabContents, and then navigating to another chrome:// url would fail to load. (Issue: 14505)
  • [r19599] [OS-LINUX] Fixed a bug where users were getting a resize cursor near the top of the web contents area. (Issue: 14956)
  • [r19621] [OS-WINDOWS] [CRASH] [DISABLED] Fixed crash – net::PartialData::PrepareCacheValidation(disk_cache::Entry *,std::basic_string<char,std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char> > *) (Issue: 15617)
  • [r19637] [OS-MAC] Add a keyboard shortcut for opening the download page on Mac. (Issue: 15653)
  • [r19654] [OS-ALL] Added support for exporting/ importing bookmarklet bookmarks, thanks to Thiago. (Issue: 7505)
  • [r19691] [OS-MAC] Enable opening downloads from the Mac download shelf. (Issue: 15661)
  • [r19692] [OS-ALL] Fixed a regression where the task manager icon for chrome was blank (Issue: 14192)
  • [r19704] [OS-LINUX] Bookmark manager polish. (Issue: 14742)
  • [r19708] [OS-ALL] Fixed issue where certain page redirections would remove entries from the user’s browsing history. (Issue: 11355)
  • [r19735] [OS-MAC] First cut at popup blocking for Mac. (Issue: 13160)
  • [r19772] [OS-ALL] [EXTENSIONS-API] PageActions can now specify multiple icons and switch between them. (Issue: 11906)
  • [r19818] [OS-ALL] [CRASH] Fixed crash – RenderView::DidAddHistoryItem() (Issue: 15594)
  • [r19839] [OS-LINUX] Fixed a tab dragging issue where Chromium would not release exit from draggable mode after a short drag. (Issue: 15768)
  • [r19866] [OS-ALL] Add getFileSize support to chromium (Issue: 9102)
  • [r19869] [r19871] [OS-LINUX] Bookmark bar UI cleanup. (Issue: 1585915882)
  • [r19872] [OS-ALL] Issue 4202 – Fixed a regression with showModalDialog. (Issue: 4202)
  • [r19874] [OS-LINUX] GTK: File chooser now shows image preview. (Issue: 15500)
  • [r19910] [OS-ALL] Fixed Acid3 Test 48: LINKTEST (Issue: 231)
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